Bhakti Jacket And Crops...and New Colors

Happy Boxing Day! I didn't go to the stores, but there is a lot of new product showing up online:
Lululemon Cherry Creek (Facebook):(Still not a fan of this print. It looks dated and juvenile)
Lululemon Classen Cove (Facebook):
Lululemon Country Club Plaza (Facebook):Bhakti Crops in Baroque Blue
Lululemon La Encantada (Facebook):
Lululemon Napperville (Facebook):
Lululemon Sagemore (Facebook):
Lululemon Suburban Square (Facebook):
Lululemon Third Ward (Facebook):
Lululemon Westport (Facebook):

Lululemon Whyte Ave (Facebook):
Nothing for me! I'm still not feeling this floral print....Baroque Blue is pretty, but it seems like we have seen a lot of blue lately.
I might have been tempted to attend boxing day if these guys were serving drinks in my area:
Lululemon Clover View (Facebook):