Brand Review: UA StudioLux

I had some time to kill between my Golf Fitness classes and my dreaded waxing appointment, so I stopped by a Dicks Sporting Goods that was next to the my golf training center. 
I wasn't really looking to buy...just killing time...when these blue UA leggings caught my eye. The color was so rich, they reminded me of Lululemon's Pigment Blue. They fit really well, but I was Lulu-jaded....I didn't want to spend $75 on leggings. But then I asked myself, "if I was at Lululemon trying these on, would I get them? Yes...absolutely." So the pants came home with me :).
It's not that I'm against Lululemon. I love their products....I'm just trying to stop getting so trapped within the actual brand. I was lured into their brand because of quality.....lately I've been finding myself buying some of their things that may or may not be worth the price of the tag. This has caused me to want to reach out to other brands to see what is out there. In the process I've tried and found a few really great brands: Athleta, Beyong Yoga, Glyder, Oiselle, Onzie, VSX, YogaSmoga. Notwthat I know what's out there, there are so many other great brands that also offer great quality, style, and fit. Not saying Lululemon doesn't have those things....I'm just not going to wrap my head around one sole brand for my fitness necessities. 

Under Armour was a huge flop in my eyes a few years ago. The fabric and fit was terrible and the styling was tacky....very athletic. Like how we pictured athletic clothes a decade ago. No versatility whatsoever into casual wear. Even last year there was very little product I was interested in without a quick pass.

I do have to admit, they have slowly stepped up their game this year and their StudioLux leggings are not the exception. The color was gorgeous, the material was thick, and fit was well made...even with a diamond gusset. The fabric was soft, but they were not as soft as beyond yoga...where I just wanted to pet them over and over. I would say they were closest to VSX Knockout Capris or Athleta Chatarunga Capris.

As you can see in a comparison, the blue is really deep without being navy. From left to right: My Blueberry Athleta Chatarunga Capris, UA StudioLux Leggings, and Lululemon Cool Racerback in Beaming Blue.

I also got an Achieve T-Back Tank for $24.99. The price was good....especially for the material. It was really thin and soft.....perfect for summer. It reminded me of the airiness of Lululemon's 105f Singlet. I instantly wanted to wear it home at my pool.

As you can see, these leggings are VERY opaque. Nothing is showing through here....The rise is a lower rise, but not much dip in the front. The fabric is very thick and compressive. I love how they feel, but they might be a little too thick for hot yoga.

I got the tank in a size small, but I probably would have been better off with an XS. Its a really comfortable tank. It's going to be great for really hot days.

I put my HardTail pullover over the tank. I also have my VSX Angel Bra on underneath.

I really like the fit of these. I don't think I have a bad word to say....they are pretty great. If you missed out of Lululemon's pigment blue color, you might really like these. I was a little anti-Under Armour....but they have slowly been growing on me!