Collages I Made For The Baby Nursery

Duck Collage #2, 2009

I thought I would post some pictures of collages I made a year ago for my soon to be born baby girl, Daria.  We were trying to think of a theme for the baby's room and I wanted something slightly neutral in case we ever had another kid and it turned out to be a boy.  Or, in case these ultrasounds were wrong and it turned out we were having a boy.  One of my coworkers made a baby quilt with ducks on it.  And so a theme was born!  Another of my coworkers who had a rubber ducky collection gave me some of her ducks and then of course, for the baby shower, we got oodles of duck things.  Ducks, in fact, turned out to be the perfect toy for a 6-10 month old.  Well, she's 10 months old now and still loves them.  She now has a large collection of rubber duckies and boy does she love them!  They are in a tote in our bedroom and whenever we take them out, she can play with them for a long time.  They are the perfect toy to go in the bath tub (of course), carry all over the house, put in your mouth and throw around.  Since the ducks are all different sizes and have different colors and accessories they keep her interested.  I think "duck" will be her first word.

Duck Collage #3, 2009Duck Collage #1, 2009
Here is a small assortment of her ducks