Cute Artsy Baby Blog

This blog shows pictures of a baby on top of towels arranged in an artful scene.  They are so adorable!!

These pictures are gorgeous, but they make me mad for two reasons.

1.  My baby NEVER slept peacefully like that for the first 3 1/2 months.  Like NEVER.  I would always have to hold her in a sling or sleep with her in order to keep her sleeping.  Even when she fell asleep and we gently transferred her to a crib, nope she would wake up screaming again.  In fact, most of my memories from her the first 3 months are her screaming fitfully in a colicky rage.

2.  Where does this new mom find time to arrange and take pictures like these?  Oh yeah, WHEN HER BABY IS NAPPING PEACEFULLY.  Anyways, can you tell my first 3 months of motherhood were peachy keen?  Ok, I'll stop complaining, because Daria is a relatively easy 10 month old now.  She naps regularly now and sleeps pretty well at night, so I will stop.

Go enjoy those pictures now.

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