{five Minute Friday} 6 Quick Ways To Add Color To A Front Porch

Two years ago, when I was nine months pregnant with Cooper, I decided that the one thing I absolutely had to do before he was born was to freshen up our front porch. Imagine me on the porch with my giant belly painting the doorbell... of wait, you don't have to imagine it because I have the photos.

The changes we made a couple years really did have a big impact on the front porch, but something was still missing. Our front porch is very tall, so we really needed something to add just a bit of height as well as color. Last week, I finally added a plant stand and some colorful potted flowers, and now our porch feels like a much happier, more welcoming spot! Best of all, each one of these changes only took about 5 minutes!
Pops of Color on the Front Porch