Ivivva Rhythmic Pants Compared To Lululemon Wunder Under Pants

Finally getting around to my Ivivva review! I think after this post I am 100% caught up! I thought my Ellie package came in, but it hasn't showed up. I also have my first FabFitFun box for Spring 2014 coming in on Tuesday...so keep on the lookout for those reviews!
Update: Oooh sorry. I forgot I still have to review my Lululemon Cotton Roll-Down Wunder Unders in Fatigue. Dang-it...almost there. 
So I was initially torn about my Ivivva pants. I'm glad I left these behind on my vacation and re-tried them on, because now I really like them. 

Comparing the Ivivva Rhythmic Pants in a size 14 to the Lululemon Wunder Under Pants in size 6, there wasn't too many differences. There was a little lower rise, about 1-1.5" shorter in length, and slightly a little less material in the hip section.

Side by side, the Lululemon WUP looks identical to the Ivivva Rhythmic Pant...The only obvious difference is the length. I don't think that will affect most ladies.....only the sky high ones. I'm 5'7 and have long legs. Lululemon WUP are pretty long on me and the Ivivva Rhythmic Pants were perfect in length.

A quick color comparison of Bali Breeze to Athleta's Catalina Green. Athleta's Catalina Green is slightly darker, but they look quite identical!

I did notice the rise was a bit lower than my Lululemon WUP. The first time I tried these on, it seemed like they came down in the back when I squatted. The second time I tried them on, I made sure I pulled them all the way up and they were fine. If I had more of a muscular booty, these may not have worked as well!

Overall, I'm pleased with the Ivivva Rhythmic Pants and I will use them as a good substitute for Lululemon's WUP. Ivivva's Rhythmic Pants are $58 and Lululemon's WUP are $82. That's essentially 30% less than Lululemon's! If you are a 4/6 in Lululemon's WUP, Ivivva's Rhythmic Pants in size 14 might work great for you!

So far Ivivva's Keep Ur Cool Racer and Rhythmic Pants have been great Lululemon substitutes for Cool Racer Backs and Wunder Under Pants!

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