Kindergarten Rainbow Fish Sculptures

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Rainbow Fish is an awesome kids book to go with fish art projects.  The kindergartners made rainbow fish sculptures from water bottles.  I learned about this idea at the NAEA conference.  The lady who presented it did it with large 2 liter bottles, but I used little water bottles instead.

1.  Cut off the bottoms of the water bottles ahead of time for the kids.  Cut squares of tissue paper for the kids to use.

2.  The kids used paper mache glue paste (you could use mod podge or diluted glue as well) to adhere the tissue paper flat to the bottle.

3.  Next class period, kids used construction paper to make fins.  We glued these with O'Glue bottles (or regular Elmer's glue would work fine.)  Then, they cut eyes from white construction paper and used black marker to draw a circle in the white eyeball.  They glued on sequins to decorate the fish.

4.  As the kids were working I had them choose tissue paper, which I stuffed and hot glued into the back of the bottle.  I flattened the end of the waterbottle to kind of make it more narrow and fish-like and stapled the ends together.  Some of the staples were not sticking well, so for those, I just hot glued them.

5.  Poke a hole in the top with a pointy stick/awl, attach a bent paper clip and tie a string for hanging!

Here is the book Rainbow Fish, in case you aren't familiar with it.  We are also making 2-d fish pictures which will be finished after Spring Break