Kristen Powers, Mixed Media Maker/Artist, Tells Her Story

Hi everyone! I am Kae Pea (pronounced. K.P.).  It is my nickname, which is short for Kristen Powers. I like my given name but I sign my work Kae Pea because it is, I think, visually pleasing and a bit whimsical, much like my art.

I have been an artist since age 4, when I found a box of oil pastels in my mom’s closet and melted them, one by one, down the wall heater. I remember this incident well and can still remember the delight I felt as I discovered that the pastel would melt so beautifully and the colors ran together in a puddle of cool, rainbow-y drippings. I also remember that though my mom was not thrilled at the loss of her pastels, she never reprimanded me and actually praised my experimental curiosity and my obvious artistic skill! That experience would be the guidepost for my life and my mom never waivered in her support of my artistic endeavors.

Now days, it's called being a “mixed media” artist but the simple fact is, I am a maker. I have no prejudice when it comes to art materials. I love it all and I enjoy and work in many mediums.

I was a self-taught artist until the age of 41, when I had the brilliant idea that I should go to college and get my degree. In May of 2011, at age 45, I graduated Magna Cum Laude with my BFA in Studio Art and a concentration in Graphic Design. That is a feat I am very proud of considering I had three children, two of which were still in elementary school! I sure don’t think it is necessary to have an art degree to be an artist but it was a wonderful and fulfilling experience and possibly one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

After many serendipitous events and the Universe presenting me with flashing arrows along my path, I now own two art stamp companies, RubberMoon and BlueLuna Press. Designing rubber stamps is perfect for my love of illustration. Creating samples and projects is perfect for my love of crafting and running the business end of things is perfect for my love of being an entrepreneur! I also paint and teach creative workshops in addition to running The Moon and The Maker, a studio and retail space here in Louisiana, Missouri.

It is a lot of hats to wear but I cannot imagine any other life. I love being creative every day in one way or another and doing all these things keeps my active imagination constantly challenged and fueled. Because... life on earth without art is just ....'eh'..., right?

This is Week 30 of 52 Artists in 52 Weeks. Thank you for reading and sharing Kae Pea’s story today.