Lululemon Everyday Pants

So excited to see the Everyday Pant's on Lululemon's upload last night! Last year, I did a comparison to the Lululemon Bust a Move Pants and the Urbanite Pants. Lululemon releases a "communter" pant every fall, and I always patiently wait to purchase a pair to use as golf pants.

They couldn't have came at a better time...I found out that my golf team needs black golf pants for our upcoming tournament in Texas. I have a skirt and shorts, but no pants. The only options that are out there are pretty anti-feminine (on right). I pretty much gave up this year...thinking that the weird &Go items was all we were getting. I actually was looking for size 6 Urbanite and Bust a Move pants on eBay and other places, but I couldn't find my size in black.

So it is a baby miracle. I have finally found a black pair and I think I'm going to like these more than the last two pair. The Urbanite was more of an ankle pant, and the Bust a Move had not as comfortable motorcycle stitching....These look like a happy middle between the two!

Ugh...wish I didn't have to get black. I already have Urbanite Pants in Inkwell, but if they come out in one of their fall colors (i.e., Rust Berry, Bordeaux Drama, Fuel) I'm definitely buying a second pair.

If you missed my Lululemon Urbanite vs. Bust a Move Pants comparison, you can check it out here.

Update - my mom has my computer, and it's getting work done. I'm flying to Texas on the 31 and will be back the 12. Hopefully, my poor laptop will be fine and I can start posting regularly again.