Lululemon Store Visit - Post Practice Cardi + All Tied Up Tank

Hello ladies! I decided to take back my Bordeaux Drama Diamond Dot Wunder Under Pants. I'm still not convinced they were sheer, but the fact that they were thin bothered me....I figured I would just be patient for either a cotton roll down or solid crop version. :(

Yogini 5 Year Long Sleeve in size 4, Happy Yin Year Sweatpants in size 6 I tried on the Yogini 5 Year Long Sleeve in white and Happy Yin Year Sweatpants in Bordeaux Drama. I really liked the Yogini Long Sleeve. The Vitasea fabric is really soft and comfortable...I could see myself wanting to reach out for this long sleeve over and over. The only thing I didn't like was the white being so sheer. Since I would be wearing this more casually than for workouts, I didn't want to have to rely on always wearing a tank underneath it. If they had the Bordeaux Drama West2East Stripe, I probably would have been tempted to buy it.

One of the educators was a fan of the Yin Year Sweats, and I can see why. While her concern was that they look better with girls with muscle....I would disagree. I have a pretty muscular hiney...While my rear filled out the back of the pants, they were too tight in the front. I think this is going to be an item with fit issues. If you are super slender, it probably won't do much for your rear. If you are muscular, it will be hard to fit in the front. It's a shame because the color is so pretty. I'm hoping we get the After Asana Pants in Bordeaux Drama.

Free to Be Bra in size 6I was hoping to see that new Inky Print Scuba, but they only had the new stripe print and the solid Bordeaux Drama one. I did try on the Free to Be bra, but passed because I'm not a fan of the style. Actually I think the style looks pretty, I just think the top is a little too low and supportive enough for my larger chest. I'm hoping that we will see an All Sport Bra in this print. This is a really pretty print, and I think it will be really popular if they don't use that slippery fabric that stretches white.

Exhalation pullover in size 6Wow...the biggest let down was the Exhalation Pullover. As you can see from my reviews last year, I was pretty much in love with the first one. I ended up reselling my heathered black (because I don't wear much black these days), but I loved it so much I got both colors. I sized down to a 4 in last year's version. If you look at the photos, it didn't pull at the hips. It was still loose and flowed beautifully.

This years version is a hot mess. I'm hoping there will be so much outrage on HeyLululemon that they will bring back the old style next year. While I bought a size 4 in last years version, this year's version in size 6 was just flat-out awkward. Last year's version had room in the hips, but this one was awkwardly snug. I couldn't size up because it was oddly large in the waist. Snug in the hips, large in the waist....hmm...that's not quite right. It didn't seem that much shorter, but there were other bigger issues with the new version. The material was nowhere near as soft, and I also didn't like the pocket feature or the contrasted stitching. I never really complain a lot, but this one was all kinds of wrong...especially since the first one was perfect.

Note - I put feedback on HeyLululemon. Please comment or vote on this if you would like to see it revert back to the old Exhalation Pullover.

All Tied Up Tank in size 4I was really surprised that I liked the All Tied Up Tank. I didn't mind the sheerness of the Vitasea because I would only being wearing it for hot workouts. The fabric was really silky and soft.

I'm not a fan of wearing it un-tied, but I figured I would show a photo in case you were curious about how it looked un-knotted.

I really like that the back can be knotted at different lengths. It's great for roll-down pants or if you want to show your waistband. My only complaint would be the fabric appears to roll at the bottom and that is a little annoying.

I did wear it immediately to my trapeze class. It gets so hot in the tent I appreciated the open back! I liked how soft and airy it would also be perfect for hot yoga, running, or even a beach/pool cover-up!

Here's a short video of my trapeze class. I wore the All Tied Up Tank with my Fabletics Ombre Salar Legging and Koia Bra. I had to cuff my leggings when I was doing ankle hangs. We were working on motion control getting into the ankle hang...when I was getting ready to do a beat to get back up to the bar ("beat" = a momentum swing), I was dangerously close to whacking him in his man parts...hence the laughter at the end! Hahaha

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Post Practice Cardi in size 4I was really shocked I loved the Post Practice Cardi since I thought it was a pretty boxy, masculine cardigan! It was so thick and comfortable, I couldn't resist! I get really lazy in the winter and have been looking for a great cardigan to throw over all of my tank tops.

While it is expensive, I did appreciate that everything was well made. Even the snaps were high in quality and did not show through on the other side (a pet peeve of mine).

I really liked the relaxed fit of this cardigan. It looked good closed, but I preferred to wear it open. It is really loose so I don't recommend wearing it with relaxed's best with fitted jeggings/skinny jeans or yoga leggings.

Just a yoga outfit to show to the practicality of wearing to and from the gym. I'm wearing it with a fuchsia bra, grey tank, and cadet blue cotton leggings.'s so comfy I want to live in it! It almost makes me want to wish that fall would come soon (almost).

I went a little crazy, but I found that the cardigan goes with all kinds of causal boots and shoes! I can wear it with sneaks, loafers, fuzzy boots, slouchy boots, motorcycle boots, riding boots...haha the possibilities are endless!