Lunch In The Old City

Each time we venture to the Old City we try to experience something new. It takes about 45 minutes to walk from where we live. The trees are blooming around here and soon the hundreds of rose bushes outside our patio will soon be in bloom. I shot this photo as we were walking down the back steps to the street. Can you believe this is the backdrop we see every day? We walked from the Jerusalem Center to Lion's Gate. Palestinians and Jews do not have their shops on the same street and this section of the city seemed to be run by Palestinians. The streets in the Old City are very narrow and they are getting crowded with tourists. This is the beginning of tourist season so it is going to get even busier. This is Lion's Gate. I would have a headache if I carried something that big on my head! Despite the narrow streets, cars and small trucks forge their way through the streets. Pedestrians must always watch out for their safety because they do not have the right away. Note the steps and the small ramps which enable carts and garbage trucks to drive up and down the street. There are many, many shops that sell nothing but sweets and you will find bins and bins of candy for sale. Garth had a sweet tooth and couldn't resist buying some goodies. It was BAD! I bought a few pieces of the banana-shaped candy but it tasted like soap. Honey balls and sweet bars: We were getting thirsty so we bought some freshly squeezed pommegranite juice. It was good but pricey . . . about $7 a cup. There are many shops that sell freshly baked pretzels and flat bread. The breads always smell wonderful and very enticing. There are bins and bins of nuts, dried fruits, and all kinds of spices. I took a photo of this sign because it shows pictures of different types of foods that are favorites in Jerusalem. We were getting hungry so we decided to buy some flat bread sandwiches which consisted of grilled chicken, pickled beats, chopped cabbage and other chopped veggies topped with some herb dressing. The cost was the same as the pommegranite juice so we got more bang for our buck with this purchase. I bought some Arab bread before we left the Old City. Breads are my weakness! Military photo close to the Wailing Wall. You can see men at the wall in the background. The girls are beautiful! You probably hear on the news about shootings at Damascas Gate. This is the same gate we always use to exit the city. We like this exit because it is a few blocks from where we can catch a bus back to the Jerusalem Center. The soldiers are always the targets of the violence so please don't worry about us. We have been told that as long as we don't linger at the gate or near the guards, we will be fine. It's a matter being cautious and street smart. Damascas Gate.