Phonetic Exercises - No. 1 (minimal Sets)

This is going to be an irregular series of exercises in phonetics of varying degrees of difficulty. Today I'd like to start with minimal sets (or commutation series). If you're unshore what such sets/series are, take a quick look at my blog of the 13th of February 2013 first.

Here we go then!

Ex. 1: Find as many CVC words (i.e. monosyllabic words with any initial consonant, the monophthong /ɒ/ and the final consonant /t/. The accent assumed is GB (= General British). You should have at least 10 words in this set. I found 14 - beat me!

Ex. 2: The syllable structure is CVC again; this time the initial C is /n/ and the final C is /t/. The vowel (either mono- or diphthong) varies. Can you find more than 6? I have 9.

Here are my solutions: (press the left mouse button and highlight the area below this line)

Ex. 1: cot – dot – got – hot – not – lot – motte – pot – rot – shot – sot – tot – what – yacht 

Ex. 2: gnat – knit – knot – net – nut – knight – naught – knout – note