The X Train To Las Vegas

  A number of you have been comparing us to air travel between LA & Vegas. Mostly people have been comparing price & time. We looked at this carefully. I just priced a Friday departure from LAX to Las Vegas and return to LAX on Sunday for this week. That's about the lead time for Southern Californians to plan their Vegas getaway. Here's what I found:
Southwest each way is $240
Wannagetaway fare is $225 each way
... Spirit is $99 each way but you can't fly home Sunday. You have to stay an extra night. But Spirit charges $26 for a carry on, $10 for a seat, so the real cost of their ticket is $135 each way.
Now add the TSA, delays on Friday, long cab lines here and you have about a 4 hour door to door cattle car experience by air.
Ours is different. A lot cheaper and less hassle. Maybe an hour longer, but way less stressful and way more fun. Check it out here