Weekly Workout Report - 6-12 Jan 2014

So sorry for the delay! This was supposed to be posted last night, but I was bogged down. So here is my first "official" weekly workout report.....
Monday - Golf  Polar Vortex
I was supposed to have my golf lesson Monday night, but our wonderful -11 degree Polar Vortex canceled my lesson. Since my lessons are outdoors.....I wasn't complaining. 
I did trapeze the day before. I'm trying to be cautious with my lower back and keep the workouts to a minimum on days after trapeze.
Tuesday - Weightlifting
I do a golf-centered workout I found on a .edu sports conditioning website. After I did it the first time, I quickly found out it was a good, total-body workout. It's 2-3 rounds of a 10 weightlifting exercises:
2-3 Rounds:Push-up x 15-20Alternating Squat with Press x 15Lat Pull Downs (Wide Grip) x 15Oblique Crunches x 20Dumbbell Lunges x 10 (each leg)Barbell Upright Row x 15Reverse Fly x 15Dumbbell Curls x 15Back Extensions on Stability Ball x 20Barbell Reverse Wrist Curls x 15-2030 sec rest between exercises, 3 min rest between rounds
I also ran a mile following the circuit at 70% 5k tempo pace and completed 200m of plyometric drills.

I wore my Lululemon Angel Blue 105f Singlet, Clarity Yellow Breath Easy Bra, Pique WUP, and New Balance Minimus Trail Shoes.
Wednesday - Cardio Circuit

I did a rowing circuit on Wednesday.

5 Rounds:

1,000M RowLat Pull Downs x 10

I wore my Lululemon 105f Singlet in Lavender Dusk, Free to Be bra in Angel Wing Hyper Stripe, Grey Old Navy Crops, and New Balance Minimus Trail Shoes.
Thursday - High Intensity Tactical Training (HITT)

I did a USMC HITT workout with some of my peers at work. I have been doing these for a few weeks, and these workouts alone have helped me drop body fat and gain endurance. The workouts are well balanced and can be anything from weightlifting to TRX to shuttle runs. The only downer is they are time consuming...each one takes about 1.5 hrs to complete by the time we warm up to cool down.

I meant to post the actual workout, but I can't find it! If you check out the website, there are all kinds of workouts and programs to follow. There are three programs and 25 different workouts. They also have a great repository of video demonstrations for every exercise.

I wore my Luluelmon Spry Blue Forme, Clear Mint CRB, Grey Old Navy Crops, and New Balance Minimus Trail Shoes.

Friday - OFF

I didn't really mention it before, but I was actually in the hospital getting allergy shots all Friday. I found out last year that fire ants are potentially deadly to me, but there is a way to treat the allegry to avoid an anaphylactic reaction. I have been getting shots 1-2 a week to get immune to them, but its too much time away from work. They set me up in the ICU as a precaution during their "rush" program, and I got the pleasure of getting 6-7 months worth of shots in a span of 8 hours. Everything was fine...not even bad at all. I ended up getting released around 8:00pm Friday night, but I still took the night off just to be safe. I had some itchy swelling and a few bruises....I tried to crop out some of my bruising in my later photos so you guys didn't think I was some kind of heroin addict. :)

Saturday - Weightlifting

I did another circuit workout followed some cardio on Saturday.

4 Rounds:

Push-up x 1/Press x 5 x 10 (25 lb plate)Complete push-up with plate, followed by 5 presses. Repeat 10 timesWallball x 20 (14 lb)30" Box Jump x 20Knee Raise to Chest x 20After that I followed it up with a 1,000M row at a sub 2:10/500m pace.

I dressed lazy for the mall, but essentially wore the same outfit to the gym, with the exception of my crops and shoes. I wore my Lululemon Nimbus Groovy Stripe CRB, Clarity Yellow Breath Easy Bra, and Kyodan (Marshall's brand) teal crops.

Sunday - Trapeze/Golf/Run

I had another Sunday-Funday yesterday. I had an early morning trapeze lesson from 0815-1000. I really like going to these early morning classes....it gets me up early and I'm out and about for the day.

After that, my husband and I went to Bethesda Row and at a ridiculously good Sunday brunch at Redwood.

When we got back from Bethesda, we did a hard 3 mile run from our apartment to Chinatown. He was booking it.....we did a hard 1.5 to Chinatown at a 6:45 mile pace. I was shocked...I thought maybe it was in the lower 7:00 range, but he has been using Map My Run and it has been pretty accurate so far. I used to be a much faster runner back in the day, but I have done too much golf and yoga....I'm just happy to run, so I usually don't have high expectations.

After the run, I ended up going to the golf range to work on some drills for my lesson tonight. I had quite a full day!

For trapeze, I wore my Athleta Spectrum Sweatshirt in Grey Heather, Athleta Chi Tank in Black, Lululemon Cocoa Pique WUP, Brisk Bloom Bang Buster Headband, and Old Navy Slip-on Shoes.

For the run, I wore my Athleta Stripe Elite Half Zip, Lululemon Parfait Pink Swiftly T-shirt, Lululemon Deep Zinfandel Inspire Crops, and Black Brooks Running Shoes. For the Driving Range, I keep my crops on but threw on my Lululemon Bliss Break Sweats in Heathered Black.
By the way...I REALLY love parfait pink with deep zinfandel! I really like the color combo I wore for Sunday's run!