What If We Believe...

My 24-year old daughter and I recently had an art “play date” and we both decided to make something we hadn’t done before. She created a cool mixed-media collage which she's still working on. I am fascinated with all of the different styles of hand-lettering and haven't really tried to do any so I pulled out some RubberMoon stamps and started doodling.
I have been quite bothered by all of the escalating gun violence here in America and this is what came from a few minutes of us discussing how to live more peaceful lives.
Here’s to spreading more love and peace!

(What if we all just worked for peace? What if we strive for spreading love to everyone we meet? Believe in the power of your intuition to guide you through today.)

I used these RubberMoon stamps:

KP 5129 (flower stems)KP 5132 (string of circles)KP 5084 (3 circles)KP 5009f (moon face)
and I used Crayola markers!
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Enjoy your day!Brenda Smoak